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istributed Solar Power Station Management Solution
For the application of remote management of solar power generation, Advantech SRP-ESP315 is set at early R&D stage as "a total solution provision of remote solar power plant with integrated monitoring and management system”. It includes application software, server and data acquisition gateways, ensures system stability and accelerates the realization of Internet of Energy. The data acquisition gateway supports more than 100 protocol conversion. In order to ensure the accuracy of the collected data, each serial port is equipped with 2500V isolation protection. When the wireless connectivity is unstable, the data will be temporarily stored in local storage. Users can choose various network solutions to meet complex wiring requirements. The built-in remote maintenance and upgrade function reduce maintenance costs. Application software enables hierarchical visual management, and supports a variety of browsers and mobile APP, improves mobile phone remote view operational efficiency.
Ultra Slim Open Frame Touch Monitor
IDS-3118W, a 18.5” open frame touch monitor, is designed to meet “end users’ needs” in terms of ID design, operation interface, and installation. The product features wider viewing area(16: 9 wide screen), excellent viewing experience , a more intuitive operating interface, and simpler installation, making it the best choice for multiple embedded applications such as KIOSK, HMI, etc. Features1: Fast, Accurate, and Reliable Multi-Touch System IDS-3118W adopts industrial grade LCD panel with 50,000-hour MTBF. It is equipped with projective capacitive touch system which has high transmissivity and enables accurate and reliable multi touch operations. Its extreme durability up to 50 million touches guarantees the machines are consistently generating revenues and delivers an ideal ROI for customers. Feature 2: 16:9 and high definition viewing area IDS-3118W supports 16:9 wide screen and HD content. The 16:9 aspect ratio optimizes the wide format visual performance. Compared to traditional 4:3 displays, the 16:9 widescreen adds 40% viewing area, therefore, displaying more information. Feature 3: Slim and Light Design for Efficient Installation IDS-3118W incorporates simple and slim mechanical design into a two piece metal frame structure (middle frame and back cover). This simple slim design is only 36.15 mm thick (with touch solution) while most competing models are above 50 mm thick. Therefore, IDS-3118W offers up to 27% space saving which enables more efficient installation into applications. Designed with integrated brackets and VESA holes on the back cover, IDS-3118W provides multiple mounting methods, including rear and VESA mounting, which makes for simple integration with any embedded application. Feature 4: LED Backlight for Energy Saving For industrial grade displays, LED backlights are current trend in backlight design. IDS-3118W comes with an industrial grade panel and LED backlight which saves 20%~30% on power consumption and reaches higher brightness.
S Win7 SP1 PRO 32/64 LicSticker Only 42C-00039
| Take advantage of Full Windows to provide a high degree of cross-platform application compatibility< br > | Deliver an immersive, natural user experience with multi-touch and Kinect for Windows< br > | Improve mobility and access with new power management and wireless technologies< br > | Access IT systems and the cloud to keep devices connected to the information that matters most< br > | Use the enhanced security technologies to protect your device, data, and network< br > | Reduce custom development with advanced lockdown features and secure your device from unintended interactions< br > | Build and deploy industry devices through streamlined OS installation experience< br > | Manage the device alongside PCs and servers with Microsoft System Center< br >< br >< a href="http://www.advantech.com/products/todatasheet/F633ED4B-D4CD-4AD2-B0F2-F5858E9E8051" target="_blank" title="Download Datasheet" >Download Datasheet< /a >

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